Best investment ever!

Investment on technology sector, including digital currency is the best choice for the time being.


Understanding IBISCOIN

This is why we are the best investment ever

IBISCOIN is a basic platform

IBISCOIN is a basic platform purposely created for Bitcoins users or many other crypto currencies to earn profit, to buy and to sell bitcoins directly between members.

IBISCOIN marketing

IBISCOIN provides various benefits to increase finance's potential for everyone. A better world is awaiting. 2017 is a successful year for crypto currencies and its competition to become the center of the finance market. In order to adapt and benefits from the changes and updated financial market.

IBISCOIN provides various benefits

IBISCOIN marketing will assist people to achieve financial goals. By unfolding the misteries behind the crypto currency. Ibiscoin will use the prepaid card as a method payment for investor to make sure interest rate is brought back timely and full legitimate for investors who have trust in Ibiscoin. In the future we will build an ATM system globally for those who use Ibiscoin, to support users with maxium effort, and to simultaneously bring giant profits for investors

IBISCOIN will offer knowledge

IBISCOIN will offer knowledge, information of crypto currencies and chances in online currencies market.


This is why we are the best investment ever.

Hotel booking

Our platform seeks to integrate hotel reservation services into our system thereby, giving our customers the benefits of convenience, access to a wider range of deals, more supporting content and the ability to easily compare our discounted prices.

Prepaid Card Integrations

The integration of this financial framework with our system is targeted towards providing a more flexible and accessible service. With the creation of an account with this platform, our investors will be able to get their funds on a daily basis in US Dollars without going through the rigorous stress of currency exchange or conversion.

Blockchain ATM Services

Our cardholders can use these ATMs at no charge, but accessing funds through a unit owned by a different institution incur a small fee thereby generating income for our platform. The initial setup-points of our ATM will be in Europe, which will be further distributed across the world as time progresses.


This involves the returns gotten from the amount that was lent to our platform. The interest rate is dependent on the amount invested and the investment plan that was used. Our lending plans have the provision of returning 50% monthly interest. Also, our investors are given the freedom to access their funds on daily basis as well as withdraw even the capital after the lending period.


We will gradually introduce IBISCOIN products into the networks of our partners
to provide market participants with all the benefits of trading via IBISCOIN as soon as possible

  1. Key Started IBIScoin Project Started

    IBISCOIN as an organization also seeks to create a market spot in the fast-growing CryptoEconomy. The purpose of our venture as well as the designed strategies for achieving our objectives is presented in these section of our paper.

  2. Lending Idea
    Lending platform version 0.1

  3. Blockchain

    IIC blockchain started.

  4. Explodes
    Connect with Prepaid Card and start integrate Prepaid Card as payout method
    Token Pre-sale start
    Marketing start
    Register company

  5. Future Ideas

    Complete internal exchange platform
    Release Block explorer
    Start IIC ATM program
    Start owned Debit Card platform

  6. Hotels
    Start contact Hotels for integrate Hotels booking
    Listed on,

  7. Paygates

    Develop IIC Paygate

  8. Release first IIC ATM on Poland
    Release first IBIScoin Debit Card
    First Version of IIC Paygate

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IBISCOIN as an organization also seeks to create a market spot in the fast-growing CryptoEconomy


Monthly rate up to 50%


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